I am such a huge fan! And a member too! :) Joe's experience and teaching style make it a great learning environment. He has vast knowledge in many different styles of martial arts and easily conveys that knowledge in a meaningful way that helps students learn and have fun at the same time. And there are so many different types of classes and times that it easily fits into my busy schedule. You work hard and have fun! What a great way to get that bikini bod!

~ Teri M., Doylestown, PA

I am a member of Combat Fitness Martial Arts and cannot speak highly enough of the school. Joe, the owner and instructor, has extensive experience in several forms of martial arts. He is a great motivator and an even better teacher because he is able to mold his style to different learning abilities. I recommend this for anyone looking to get in shape, learn self defense, or learn competitive mixed martial arts as a sport. The team atmosphere is great and Joe goes a long way to make everyone feel welcome. For anyone that is thinking of joining, take advantage of the offer and see for yourself.

~ Brian W., Perkasie, PA

I have been a student of CFMA for the last six months.  I am currently taking MMA/CSW  class. (Mixed Martial Arts/Combat Submission Wrestling).  This is a great class with a great instructor - Joe.  He is always willing to work with you and help with whatever instruction you need.  If you are a student in school,  he always asks to make sure you are doing well with classes.  If you are thinking about taking a martial arts class, call Joe or go check it out in person.

~ Matt X., Doylestown, PA

I have been a member of CFMA for a few months and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in martial arts, fitness, or stress relief. It is a relaxed environment, which is great for learning, and the students are encouraging and helpful. I participate in each style of martial arts and self defense taught at the school, and I enjoy all of them.  I had no experience in martial arts before, but Joe, the owner and instructor, was great about teaching me the basics. So do not be hesitant about trying it if you have never done martial arts before. There are students of all levels and Joe does a great job of customizing moves or workouts for the different levels. Everyone has a great time and learns a lot in each class, so try it out!

~ Dina S., Lahaska, PA

You won't find a school like Combat Fitness Martial Arts in the area! The head instructor, Sifu Joe Cargado, is extremely knowledgeable in several martial art styles. You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified, passionate, experienced and professional instructor in the Doylestown area.  CFMA offers 6 different styles of martial arts and is ideal for anyone, regardless of your goals. Whether your objective is to begin or continue your exploration into the world of martial arts, to learn practical and proven self defense skills, to get into great shape, to learn self discipline and self confidence, or for competitors looking to bring their game to a whole new level, CFMA is the idyllic solution for you to learn and grow. The school itself offers a safe, fun and friendly, ego-free environment. Another unique aspect of CFMA is how Sifu Joe will make his instructors, legends of the martial arts world, open for students of CFMA. In my travels I've been a student at multiple martial arts schools and I've never studied under a more enthusiastic and encouraging instructor in a more enjoyable atmosphere. Whether in the school training, hanging out watching a martial arts event, or coming together for a community service project, your time at CFMA is sure to be a rewarding, life changing experience.

~ Adam M., Doylestown, PA

Combat Fitness Martial Arts is as good as it gets.They offer Jeet Kune Do, Muay  Thai, MMA, CSW, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and womens grappling. Classes are taught by Joe, who does an amazing job of teaching you, and helping you learn, no matter what level or belt you are. When I first started off, I had no prior knowledge or experience in  fighting or any types of mma. I saw that Combat Fitness offered 2 weeks of free classes so I decided to go try it out, because there was nothing to lose! It turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made, because I've learned so much, and have had such a great time doing it. Everyone at the classes are such good friendly people, and Joe really does do a great job of explaining things so everyone understands it. If you are looking for a place to train and learn, definitely try out combat fitness. You get 2 weeks free so you have nothing to lose!

~ Mike B., Chalfont, PA

You can read all the reviews you want about the Combat Fitness Martial Arts school, but the only way to truly understand what the school has to offer is come out and try it.  Being a complete beginner, I had no idea what to expect when I took the free 2 week trial a few months ago.  After trying the jeet kune do, brazilian jiu jitsu and combat fitness classes, I'm hooked.  Joe, the founder and instructor, goes out of his way to make you feel welcome no matter what skill level you are.  The other students are also extremely helpful in teaching the newcomers.  So far, it's been a great learning experience and it's getting me into great shape.  My only regret is that I can't fit all of the other disciplines into my schedule.

~ Maurice C., New Hope, PA

Combat Fitness Martial Arts is the best place to learn martial arts if you live in the Doylestown area. Not only does our instructor Sifu Joe Cargado offer a wide variety of courses but his knowledge in each style is extensive. The classes are great for everything from stress-relief, to weight-loss, to improving self-confidence. What I enjoy most, however, is the sense of community shared by everyone who trains at Combat Fitness Martial Arts. The level of respect between students is outstanding and we all seek to improve not only our own skills but those of our classmates' as well. If you have even the slightest interest in trying out martial arts, or if you are already a practitioner, I highly recommend Combat Fitness Martial Arts; you will not be disappointed!

~ Michael W., Doylestown, PA

I'd have to say my favorite aspect of Combat Fitness Martial Arts is that no matter what your personal goals are, Sifu Joe Cargado finds a way to customize your training and progress, whether in one on one training or in class.  This is in part due to the wide variety of classes available as well as Sifu's ability to combine them into an overall education in history, culture, strategy, etc while maintaining an atmosphere of respect among his students and a real sense of comraderie.  Not only do I explore my training within the school, but Sifu also supports our education beyond it as well with affiliate schools and seminars.

When I started six months ago, I mainly wanted to lose some weight, manage my stress better and learn some new styles.  What I've gained beyond that since then was improved health and confidence, humility and respect for myself, pride in our collective accomplishments as we approach our goals, and the desire to explore and expand my training to hopefully share my education with others someday.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have this experience.

~ Manuel T., Doylestown, PA

My name is Stephan W, and I am a member of Combat Fitness. I have always been intrigued by different Fighting Arts. Which eventually pushed me to start studying & training officially,  years ago. Since then I have trained with many people and I have trained under numerous instructors. I have now made it a life long goal to continue to train for the rest of my life. One too educate myself and grow as a Martial Artist & a person. Two to help others, and three, to one day  teach self- defense. I truly believe that Combat Fitness Martial Arts will help in my endeavors and goals to come true. Joe Cargado is one of the best instructors that I have ever trained under. The school is personable, the arts are practical for today's day and age. Combat Fitness Martial Arts will also make you mentally, physically, and spiritually strong. If your looking to get healthy, get a great work-out, learn how to defend & protect yourself, through numerous Arts. As well as meet awesome people, great Martial Art affiliations, and grow. Join Combat Fitness Martial Arts, you wont be disappointed.

~ Stephan W., Whitehall, PA